Fun Facts:

Nature lover and amateur gardener

Dog mom of two rescue pit bulls

Nomadic wildlife whisperer

I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and digital marketer with over 10 years of experience. I live in a magical little town in Panama, surrounded by rainbows, fruit trees, cloud forests and the awe-inspiring Baru Volcano.

Since I learned to write, I’ve been scribbling in notebooks, writing down lists, plans, short stories, poems, kooky ideas – whatever was in my brain.

Writing is a therapeutic and creative outlet that I’ve learned to refine and wield as a powerful content marketing tool.

Through my experience (and a lot of A/B testing) I know how a headline, tagline, subject line, article, email or any other writing piece can make or break an opportunity to connect with your audience.

I’ve been fiercely passionate about plant medicine and ecology for years, exploring and living in some of the most biodiverse places on earth.

My unquenching curiosities about life, the human condition, and our place in the universe keep me thirsty for both ancient wisdom and emerging science. I am always seeking to grow my knowledge about human evolution, psychology, and spirituality. 

I specialize in nutrition and plant-medicine undefined

Other topics I enjoy researching & writing about include:

– alternative medicine
– integrative therapies
– psychology & neurology
– mindfulness & meditation
– fitness, travel, technology

Great content lies in harnessing the power of storytelling and emotion. I find out how your audience wants to feel and write in a relatable tone that is aligned with your brand, your story and your mission.

To find out more about my education and professional experience, check out my linkedin profile.

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